RORCAL is born out of a baleful fog in 2005. The common aim shared by the 5 Swiss fellows has always been clear: reaching the deepest depths of darkness, searching a way to express the unnamable. This path has taken multiple shapes, from slowest forms of sonic punishment to cathartic expression of sound’s malevolence. The result is now well known, 4 albums exploring all the shades of extreme music, numerous splits, collaborations & EPs, all displaying a new face of this ever evolving entity. In November 2019 the band releases album n°5 MULADONA. But due to the global pandemic the band is forced to cancel all its upcoming shows and decide to spend this constrained pause writing new material. The idea to collaborate with Bruno aka EARTHFLESH, which was RORCAL’s original bass player, soon appears as evidence. WITCHCOVEN merges his insanely powerful harsh noise & drones with the most extreme side of the quintet, thus giving birth to two new infernal pieces.

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